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Dear participants!

MMM unites people from all over the world because it gives everyone a chance to start a happy life. People help each other financially and build a fair world together. Every day the number of new participants is growing, among them there are a lot of creative people.

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Video message from Sergey Mavrodi to Spanish participants


Hello! I'm Sergey Mavrodi - the founder of MMM. Here's the time when MMM has started its activity in your country. My congratulations! MMM is a mutual aid fund. Here people help each other directly without any intermediaries. It means that this is an absolutely fair and transparent System, a very good deed. We have more than 200 million participants  all over the world.

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PROMO: Holy Week Bonus - 40% per Month for Newly Registered Members


MMM introduces a promotional Mavro of 40% monthly growth coincided with Holy Week! We know that this time is a great period in Christian life. MMM can’t help celebrating holy festivities.

Help yourself and help other people with MMM. Holy Week is a period of wonders and charity – let’s do it together! Join our Community!

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MMM «EXTRA» 100% per month for doing 1 task per day


Dear participants, we are happy to inform you about the launch of a new program MMM EXTRA! By participating in this program you can increase your MAVRO growth rate from 20% up to 100% per month, by accomplishing 1 task for development of MMM in Internet.

How it works:


  • For each accomplished task you get 2,66 %  additional MAVRO growth. You can take only one task per day.

  • By accomplishing everyday tasks during the month you get 100% total MAVRO growth.

  • If you do not accomplish any task during the month, you get 20% total MAVRO growth.

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